Anne Arnold

It is truly a pleasure to be the Treasurer/CFO of Gibsonburg Schools – an extremely well-respected school district in the State of Ohio. This community supports education and strong family values. It is truly a pleasure to work with the community, staff, and students at Gibsonburg. 

The Gibsonburg School District is committed to fiscal responsibility and transparency in all financial transactions.  The Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the district and reports directly to the Board of Education.   One of the most important functions of the Treasurer’s Office is to work with the Superintendent and Board of Education in allocating adequate funding to all areas of the district operations to support the educational mission and programming of the district to meet the needs of each child that walks through its doors.  

The Treasurer/CFO's office is responsible for overseeing the financial functions of the district including payroll, insurance, purchasing, payables, and receivables, along with state and federal reporting, forecasting revenues and expenditures, investing, and most importantly, safeguarding taxpayer dollars.  The District is audited annually by the Auditor of State and the audit reports are available on the Auditor of State website. 

Assistant Treasurer - Payroll

Susan Damschroder

Assistant Treasurer - Accounts Payable

Ellen Moser